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Hello, my name is Yasser Al-Mulqi, and I have been passionate about photography for most of my life. This commitment to photography has allowed me to amass over 20 years of experience in all aspects of photography, including an in-depth knowledge of digital post-processing that is such an important part of today’s photographic expertise.
My photographic journey began with landscape photography, but as my career has developed I have learned to see and appreciate so many different types of images, and today I take photographs that capture the beauty and quality of the things around me. Whether that is the interior or exterior of homes and buildings, food or product photography, I love creating the perfect image that shows off that object or scene at its absolute best.


From creating the perfect image of sumptuous gateaux to capturing the essence of a luxurious hotel, my focus is not just to create technically perfect images, but to produce art that stirs the emotions and tells a story. I believe that is the true value of photography, its ability to transport you to another place, to give you a glimpse into a story and to convey emotion to the viewer.

That dedication to capturing the story is something you can benefit from too. Whether it is a product shot or real estate marketing, you want your customers to invest in your offer, and to do that, they need to connect with it. A beautiful image that conveys emotion or tells a story is the very best way to achieve that. Whatever your project needs, my attention to detail and dedication to showing your project at its best ensures success.

If you want an image that is beyond a photograph, but an integral part of your marketing solution, I provide the images that tell your story and define your brand the way you know it should be. Take a look through the gallery and get in touch today to discuss how I can bring your next project to life.

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